Insuring your contents

We understand that financial commitments may mean contents insurance isn’t high on your list of priorities, but have you wondered what you would do if you lost all of your possessions to a fire, flood or burglary? For just a few pence a week you can leave your property safe in the knowledge that the things you value are covered.

To make this essential insurance less of a burden, we have joined together with Thistle Insurance Services to provide an insurance plan that is specifically designed for our customers – giving you complete peace of mind.

It offers a number of benefits which are of real value:

  • affordable insurance premiums;
  • flexible regular pay as you go payment options;
  • no fuss and quick and easy to apply.

The policy covers all your household contents against a wide range of unforeseen hazards. The policy has no excess and avoids ‘insurance small print’.

For details visit the My Home Contents Insurance website.