Reporting anti-social behaviour

We all know that pleasant, safe communities and neighbourhoods, free from anti-social behaviour are good places to live and make life much nicer for all.

When signing up to one of our tenancies residents are made aware of the importance of behaving responsibly and that we treat all reports of anti-social behaviour very seriously. We are committed to doing everything we can to deal with anti-social behaviour.

More information on anti-social behaviour and what is / isn’t classed as ASB can be found in our Residents Handbook.

Experiencing excessive noise?

If you are experiencing excessive noise from a neighbour please download the Noise App onto your phone or tablet.

The Noise App is simple to use and free to download, and creates an accurate record of noise nuisance along with how it affects you. These recordings can then be used in ASB cases, even in court.

You can download the free app for your iPhone or Android handset.

To report anti-social behaviour please let us know using the contact form below, and if the activity is illegal or dangerous then please ensure you contact the police and always ask for a crime reference number.

Once a report is received your housing officer will be in touch to talk you through next steps.

Report anti-social behaviour now