Preserved right to buy

If you have been a secure council tenant for at least two years (or five years if you became a tenant after 18 January 2005) you are likely to have the Right to Buy your council home at a discount.

You are eligible for a Preserved Right to Buy (PRTB) if you are still the resident of the same property before and after the transfer from WBC in 1999.

You do not have the right to buy if:

  • you are an assured tenant of a registered social landlord (RSL) and do not possess a PRTB;
  • your home is rented in relation to your employment;
  • the courts have issued a possession order for you to leave your home;
  • you are undergoing bankruptcy proceedings;
  • we have applied to the courts for your right to buy application to be suspended because of alleged anti-social behaviour by the applicant or those living with or visiting them;
  • you live in housing specially provided for older people and (in certain cases) disabled people.

How much will the purchase price of my house be discounted by?

The amount of discount depends on how long you have been a tenant. For example, if you have lived in your house for 20 years, the discount is 50 per cent.

However, the discount is limited to the maximum amount available for your area. The maximum discount ranges from £16,000 to £38,000 for both flats and houses, depending on where you live. To find out about the discount available contact us.

If you sell the property between within five years of buying it, you may have to pay back the discount. The repayment amount can include an element of profit if the value of the property has risen.

If you buy under the scheme with the intention of immediately moving out and enter into a deferred resale agreement with a third party, you will still be liable to repay your discount.

If you wish to resell or dispose of your property within 10 years of purchase, you will be required to give us (or other approved bodies) the opportunity to repurchase the dwelling before it can be offered on the open market.

Properties due to be demolished within 18 months can be excluded from the Right to Buy scheme.

Worthing Homes has the discretion to vary the discount rules in exceptional circumstances.

We may refuse your application on the grounds that the property is particularly suitable for the elderly. If we refuse to let you buy your home on this basis, you may ask the Residential Property Tribunal to review the case within 56 days of our decision.