Worthing Homes wins Best Companies 2009 Award

Worthing Homes has been ranked as one of the best companies to work for in the country.

The fact we have been awarded Best Companies accreditation reflects just how committed and motivated our staff are to serving our customers. Robin King, Worthing Homes chief executive

The housing association received a Best Companies 2009 star status accreditation – after an in-depth staff survey found high levels of engagement and commitment to their work from employees.

The Best Companies survey is designed to measure employee engagement and uses 70 questions to gain a comprehensive view of workplace engagement. Based on staff feedback, the accreditation assesses factors such as leadership, well being and how employees rate their managers, team spirit and company ethos.

Companies have to achieve a high overall score to achieve star status. Under the rating system one star is first class, two stars are outstanding, and three stars are extraordinary.