Why we have upgraded the customer portal

Take a look at why we have upgraded the customer portal in this guide below.

Why have you changed the customer portal, the old one was working fine?

The previous MyHome customer portal was linked to an old housing management system that needed updating. It was not possible to continue using the old MyHome portal with a new housing management system.

What are the benefits of the new portal?

The new customer portal has a lot more options for us to add new functions and tailor it to the needs of our customers.

For example, raising a repair in the new portal is sent straight to the contractor with photos, instead of our Customer Experience Team who had to input it manually into the system. This will raise the repair a lot quicker and allow us to answer more calls. 

We will also be adding a new function so that forms can be filled in and completed online. 

Why did it take so long to launch the new portal, couldn’t you have left the old one running?

When we changed to the new system, the old system had to be turned off and so the old MyHome portal would not have worked.

Once we went live with the new system, we had to ensure it was working properly for our customers. Unfortunately, there were some technical issues which took a while to resolve. Whilst the issues were being resolved, we worked with the Residents’ Panel to get their feedback on the new portal.

Will the customer portal be unavailable in the future?

Whilst we aim to minimise the disruption to customers, there will be some further upgrades on the customer portal. Over the coming months we will be adding new online forms and a new easy-to-use tool to help you raise repairs using a house diagram.

Where possible, we will let you know when the portal will be unavailable via our website and our official Facebook page. We recommend that you ‘like’ our page to keep up to date with important updates.