Victorious against anti-social behaviour

Worthing Homes were pleased to be granted an anti-social behaviour injunction against one of their residents on the 2 October, following a two day trial at Worthing County Court.

The action was taken following a number of complaints from neighbours who complained that the resident had been harassing them and made them unable to relax in their homes due to anti-social behaviour.

We are pleased with the outcome of this hearing. This result shows what can happen when residents stand up to nuisance behaviour and are prepared to give evidence in court; we now hope that the people affected can rest easier in their homes. Simon Anderson, Neighbourhood Manager

With support from Worthing Homes staff the residents made a stand and appeared in court as witnesses, where the judge commended them on their honesty and reliability.

As a result, the resident is not allowed to contact the neighbours or act in an abusive, intimidating or threatening way towards them for three years. The injunction also means the resident can be arrested if the terms of the order are broken in the next 12 months.