Unsung hero

Worthing Homes’ telecare service RedAssure recently ran a competition for people to nominate their unsung hero. The response received was phenomenal and shows that a real community spirit lives on in West Sussex.

Going to visit Mrs Poulter was a very humbling experience, and it is clear that she spends much of her own time looking after the needs of others. It is easy to see why she was nominated, Mrs Poulter is an amazing pillar of the community and we are proud to have her as our very first unsung hero. Jo Kelly, RedAssure marketing assistant

After much deliberation the panel decided the winner of the award was Mrs Poulter from Worthing, who was nominated by some of the people that she helps with a heart felt letter (extract below).

“Mrs Poulter is so kind and helpful not only to us, but also to other elderly persons in every possible way. She either visits or phones us almost every day of the week. She does our shopping, takes us to the hospital, to the dentist, to the audiology centre and to the opticians. In addition, she provides us with her home made soups each week, together with home made cakes and bread puddings. Mrs Poulter deserves recognition for what she has done for us all, she is one in a million.”

Mrs Poulter is part of the St Andrews church community and some years ago started visiting and helping others within the parish. This includes a weekly soup and cake ‘run’, helping out with shopping, and sometimes just simply sitting down and talking.