The wonderful web

Over the last six months we have been updating and making some significant changes to our website to enhance the users experience and ensure that everyone can get all the information they need from the site.

The main customer facing changes we have made are:

  • Housing officer lookup tool – residents can look up who their housing officer is and contact them directly
  • Anti-social behaviour reporting tool – any incidents of anti-social behaviour can be reported quickly and easily using our online form which goes straight to the housing management team
  • Direct contact – previously any on line enquiries went through to a central point of contact and were then forwarded to the relevant department. This has now been updated and your online enquiry will go straight to the relevant department
  • Style – the look of the site has been changed to make it even easier to use, with even more of the most widely used pages being added to the useful links box

We are currently working on a new community section which will contain information on as many community groups/ centres / projects on the site to help signpost people accordingly, and we will keep you posted as this progresses.

We hope you find the new facilities on the website useful!