The regeneration experiment

We are now pleased to announce that our BIM: residential new build project (Meadow Road) has been approved as a Housing Forum demonstration project, as well as being a Constructing Excellence innovation in practice demonstration project.

A multi-dimensional tool, Building Information Modelling (BIM) involves generating a visual model of the building which also manages data about it, at the design stage, throughout the construction phase and during its working life. Typically BIM uses real-time, dynamic building modelling software working in 3D, 4D (workflow) and, increasingly, 5D (quantity surveying) to increase productivity and efficiency, save costs in the design and construction stages, and to reduce running costs, after construction.

The project is part of the Housing Forums new ‘Mind the Gap’ experimental home performance labelling pilot, which has been launched after the Housing Forum has been campaigning for some years for the introduction of clear, consumer friendly labelling of new and second hand homes.

The project will explore a web-based info-graphic system that might enable customers to benchmark the relative performance of a range of different properties at a glance which they hope will demonstrate how customers can make choices on the basis of a clearly expressed diversity of factors including space, storage, energy efficiency, carbon content, costs in use and levels of daylight.

More details on the project, which is now on site, can be found in the BIM Interim report Feb 2015

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