Points of view

The paper is a consultation document that will help the government form its future housing policy based on the responses from the people that matter most, social housing residents and comes about following the Grenfell tragedy last year.

The paper is based on five principles that the government feel will underpin a new, fairer deal for social housing residents:

  • a safe and decent home which is fundamental to a sense of security and our ability to get on in life;
  • improving and speeding up how complaints are resolved;
  • empowering residents and ensuring their voices are heard so that landlords are held to account;
  • tackling stigma and celebrating thriving communities, challenging the stereotypes that exist about residents and their communities; and,
  • building the social homes that we need and ensuring that those homes can act as a springboard to home ownership.

And asks a series of questions that the government are looking for responses on before their thoughts are translated into policy.

Although we have produced a questionnaire which is available in hard copy or on line we wanted to capture as many views as possible during discussion times with residents. The conference was a mix of group working at tables along with feedback sessions on the different principles so that everyone could discuss as a whole; the outcome of which was fantastic and has given us a great deal of information to respond to the Government with.

To show how your views have formed our response to the Government we will be sharing this with you in the next edition of HomeNews which will be published first week of December.