VIP visitor

Children, parents and staff at the community house were pleased to welcome Tim Loughton MP when he stopped by for a visit on the afternoon of Friday 18 October.

Tim has been a supporter of Worthing Homes community house – currently funded by the Big Lottery Fund – since it opened in March 2007, and has attended many events and presentations there.

Along with the chance to sample some scones that had been baked from scratch at the house the previous day, Tim spent some time chatting to the teenagers, young people and parents who were using the facilities in the house. Some were researching and doing their homework on the computers, whilst in the art room others were making books or colouring in pictures of princesses balancing books on their heads. Tim then challenged the girls to sit tall and balance a book on their head just like the princess in the picture! He then went on to tell them all about meeting the queen last week and encouraged the children to write a letter to her telling her all about the good work that goes on at the house and how it helps them.