The apprentice strikes again

We are pleased to announce that Rhys Flack, a member of our in-house Homespace team, has been appointed as our new Homespace Co-ordinator. Rhys will manage a team of 6, who work on our empty homes as well as our kitchen / bathroom modernisations.

Rhys started with Worthing Homes in March 2010 under a carpentry apprentice; having successfully completed his apprenticeship in 2012 and with the support of Worthing Homes he went on to develop himself further by training as and becoming a plumber in 2013.

Rhys is a real success story and demonstrates the benefits of investing in training up a skilled a workforce; As locally focussed organisation Worthing Homes remain committed to recruiting and training more apprentices. Robert Woodbridge, Manager of Greenspace and Homespace said: “Once again we are very proud of Rhys and all that he has achieved. His dedication, commitment and willingness to learn, supported by his enthusiasm are exceptional; I am delighted he is part of our team.”