New legal restrictions on XL Bully

We are writing to inform you about recent changes to the law regarding XL Bully dogs and the necessary measures needed to comply with updated legal requirements.

As of 31st December 2023, XL Bully dog restrictions have been implemented, defining this breed as dangerous under the Dangerous Dogs Act 2014. To ensure compliance with these regulations we need your cooperation in following the outlined steps:

1. Registration: All XL Bullies must be registered with appropriate authorities. Failure to do so may result in legal consequences, including criminal charges and fines.

2. Restrictions on activities: From 3rd December 2023 onwards, it is illegal to breed, sell, advertise, gift, exchange, abandon, or allow XL Bully dogs to stray. Additionally, XL Bully dogs must be kept on a lead and muzzled when in public.

3. Registration deadline: Starting from 1st February 2024, all XL Bully dogs must be registered and have a certificate of exemption.

4. Neutering requirement: As of 30th June 2024, XL Bully dogs over one year old must be neutered. For younger dogs, the deadline for neutering is 31st December 2024.

We have detailed below the necessary steps that must be taken by all residents who own an XL Bully dog for pet permission to be considered. These steps apply equally to new permission requests and those that have previously been approved.

1. Adherence to Worthing Homes’ pet policy.

2. Microchipping of your XL Bully(s).

3. Third-party public liability insurance for banned breeds of dogs.

4. Neutering your XL Bully(s) before the government deadline.

5. Application for a certificate of exemption for your XL Bully(s) by 31st January 2024, accessible here.

6. Submission of the certificate of exemption to Worthing Homes.

7. Muzzling your XL Bully(s) and keeping them on a lead in public.

8. Ensuring that your XL Bully(s) is muzzled and kept in a separate room with the door closed during visits from Worthing Homes staff or contractors.

Your cooperation in these matters is appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.