My Rights

Right to a Safe Home

We have a regulatory requirement to ensure your home meets the Government’s Decent Homes Standard or any other equivalent standard which may supersede this. We have obligations to comply with health and safety legislation and to ensure your home complies with the Fitness for Human Habitation Act 2018. Even if your particular tenancy agreement doesn’t expressly say these things, they are implied by statute and/or common law and are a requirement on us nonetheless.


Right to Occupy

When you hold a Worthing Homes tenancy, you have a right to occupy the home we have let to you without interruption or interference from us. So long as you comply with the terms of your tenancy agreement then you have a right to live in your property without interference from us. Your right to occupy your home will not be affected if you have cause to make a complaint about our service. Your rights are protected within your tenancy agreement.


Right to Notice

As our tenant you do need to give us reasonable access to your home to undertake repairs and maintenance and to check on the condition of the property but (except in emergencies) you have a right to at 48 hours notice of any sort of repairs visit.


Right to Consultation

Where we have to make a change to your housing management service or the maintenance of your home that is likely to have a substantial effect on you, you have a right to be consulted on those changes before they happen.


Right to Information

You have a right to information for us about the terms of your tenancy, about our repairing obligations and our performance as a landlord.


Right to Exchange

Depending on the specific terms of your tenancy you may have a right to exchange your tenancy with another social housing tenant. This is called a Mutual Exchange and allows you to swap homes and tenancies with another social housing tenant provided you are both happy and in agreement with the swap. You can register for a Mutual Exchange on HomeSwapper.


Right to Complain

You have a right to complain if you feel that we have not provided you with a good level of service. Making a complaint will not impact your rights and will not detrimentally affect the interactions we have with you. We know that we don’t always get things right and will deal with your complaint sensitively.


Right to Reasonable Adjustments

If you have a disability you have a right to require us to make reasonable adjustments. This could be adjustments in the way we communicate with you or it could be physical adjustments to make your home suitable for your needs. We will look to make all adjustments and adaptations which we can practically and reasonably manage possible for you.