Moving home

If you are in one of our affordable rented homes and looking to move there are two ways of doing this; looking for a mutual exchange, or applying for a transfer via the Local Authority.

Mutual Exchanges

The quickest and easiest way to move is to do a mutual exchange using either the Homeswapper website, which is free for Worthing Homes residents to use; or take a look at the Exchange Locata website.

If you are an assured tenant you can exchange your home with any of the following residents:

  • an assured tenant who lives in one of our properties;
  • an assured tenant of another housing association;
  • a secure tenant of a local authority.

Before agreeing to swap make sure you’re satisfied with the condition and decoration of the home – properties are taken as seen. Some things to look out for include

  • any damage or outstanding repairs that will become your responsibility. If repairs are needed, check if they will be carried out.
  • Agree on any fixtures that will be taken or any items left behind
  • Make sure you can afford the new rent and the moving expenses.

Once you have found someone to exchange with and you have agreed to a swap you will each need to apply for permission to your respective landlords. To apply to Worthing Homes you will need to make an application via your Homeswapper account. On the right side of your dashboard there is a green box which says ‘Found a swap?’. Click the ‘apply’ button to make your application.

If you are not a Worthing Homes tenant and wish to swap into one of our properties, we will send you a link to an application form once the application form from our current tenant has been received.

If you need any assistance take a look at the ‘need help’ page on the Homeswapper website.

When we have received all of the applications we will have 42 days to carry out various checks before making a decision. These checks include; making sure the property is the right size for the incoming household, completing a property inspection, getting references and making sure there has been no legal action taken on either tenancy.

You’ll need to make sure your rent account is up to date before applying for an exchange.

When all of the checks have been completed and both landlords have made their decision, we will let you know if the exchange can go ahead and make an appointment to sign the paperwork.


Transfers are available to existing Worthing Homes residents who are renting from us and need to move to another home. This will normally be due to changed family circumstances, which means your present home may not meet your needs, or may no longer suit you for medical reasons.

In order to transfer to another home you will need to be registered on the transfer register in your area and / or the area you wish to move to so that you can bid for properties with Homemove which is the Choice Based Lettings scheme for Sussex.

To register with the local authority, please visit their respective website:

You can find more information on Homemove Choice Based Lettings on the following pages. Alternatively, you can download the Homemove Scheme user guide or visit the Homemove website.