Preserved right to buy

If you have been renting your home since before 1999, and were a tenant when Worthing Borough Council transferred its housing stock to Worthing Homes, you may have a ‘Right to Buy’ your home, known as a ‘Preserved Right to Buy’ (PRTB), and you may still be eligible if you have moved to another property owned by Worthing Homes, since the stock transfer.

You may also be eligible if:

  • You don’t live in sheltered housing or housing designed/suitable for elderly or disabled persons
  • Your home is not due for demolition
  • You don’t have any legal problems with debt
  • You don’t have any outstanding possession orders against your home

Everything you need to know about Right to Buy can be found on the Government website, and you can download their booklet

On the above links you will find information about:

  • Whether you may eligible?
  • Whether your property is a qualifying property (not exempt)?
  • What discount you might be eligible for?
  • Whether you can afford to buy?
  • Things to consider?
  • How to take the next steps if you decide to apply (completing your application)
  • Process once you have submitted the application, time frames and your rights (such as the offer, challenging the valuation, going forward with the purchase)
  • Selling or transferring your home later on (repaying some or all of discount if selling within 1st 5 years and conditions for selling within first 10 years).
  • Government’s Right to Buy Agent service, who you can call, email or webchat with for free advice.