Use of mobility scooters

Worthing Homes recognises that the use of mobility scooters can enhance the quality of life for many older or less mobile residents and leaseholders, who otherwise may be limited in their ability to access common facilities provided in the premises and also access external facilities in the wider community.

Safe and secure storage of your mobility scooter is important to both yourselves and Worthing Homes. However, not all of our properties have been built with the use and storage of mobility scooters in mind.

Fire safety regulations impose obligations on Worthing Homes as the responsible person for the common parts of buildings to ensure that emergency routes and exits are kept clear at all times.

Residents and leaseholders must apply for permission to store a mobility scooter either within their own property or within a dedicated storage facility prior to the purchase or lease of a scooter.

Mobility scooters must never be left where they obstruct a fire exit route. Worthing Homes’ staff visiting communal areas will note any scooters left in communal areas particularly in escape corridors. Anyone found persistently leaving their scooter in an escape route will have their right to keep a scooter in the property withdrawn.

In the video below you can see how much of a fire hazard a mobility scooter can be:

For more information on the storage and use of a mobility scooter please read our mobility scooter leaflet and to apply please download and complete the mobility scooter application form