Communal area safety

All communal areas at our properties are the legal responsibility of us, Worthing Homes.

We therefore ask for your assistance to help keep all areas clean, tidy and free of hazards as per our leaflet below:

You must also ensure that all communal doors are not blocked and can / or are closed in case of fire.

Internal doors are also not to be removed as these can make a huge difference in the event of a fire

Please note that our clear communal area policy also applies to external areas such as:

Communal gardens: –

Fixed play equipment

Please do not install any fixed play equipment within a communal garden.  We have a legal responsibility to ensure the area is safe for use and we cannot do this if equipment such as trampolines, slides and swings have been installed as we are unable to confirm whether it has been correctly erected/secured or undertake regular inspections or maintenance of this equipment.  Any equipment installed by us will be regularly inspected and maintained as per our legal obligations.
Swimming and paddling pools
Please ensure only paddling pools are used in communal areas and that these are emptied and put away after each use to reduce the risk of accidental drowning or water borne viruses.

Every spring we will have a dedicated page on barbecue safety in our Home News but please see the basics of barbecue safety below:

  • Barbecues must not be stored or used on balconies
  • Barbecues are never left unattended once lit or whilst cooling.
  • Make sure your barbecue is well away from sheds, fences, trees, shrubs or garden waste.
  • Store gas cylinders away from direct sunlight and frost.
  • Barbecues and cylinders must be put away after use, once they are cold to the touch, and not left in the communal garden.


Every Autumn we will have a dedicated page in Home News as to the use of fireworks, but please note:

  • Fireworks are not permitted on any of our communal land or on balconies
  • You may have fireworks where you have a private garden but you must ensure you only use fireworks for your size garden
  • Do not use near any trees, fences or sheds; and please be aware of any power sources nearby


We ask that you inform us of any issues you feel may pose a risk to the users of the garden to ensure that we can make it safe. For example:

  • Broken manhole covers
  • Damaged furniture (that has been provided by Worthing Homes)
  • Loose or raised paving stones that someone could trip on

You can do this by reporting a repair online

Finally, please do not flick or throw cigarettes out of windows or balconies as this can also cause a hazard e.g. could start a fire