‘Bee’ safe and sound

Worthing Homes is a responsible, forward thinking organisation, and your safety is of high importance to us!

As part of this we carry out a number of safety checks and inspections to our buildings:

  • Fire safety – all our blocks of flats have a regular fire risk assessment, as well as checks and servicing of emergency lighting, smoke vents and any other safety features where appropriate
  • Gas safety checks and boiler servicing are carried out annually in our rented properties and where there are communal boilers
  • Communal water systems are regularly checked by our team
  • Any properties, built prior to 2000, where asbestos has been used in construction have undergone in-depth surveys with this information available to staff and contractors

This is not just something we do to be compliant, but to ensure you and your family are safe and sound in your home.

At Worthing Homes we have our own in-house Health and Safety Adviser who can be reached by calling 01903 703 133 or you can pop an email to our compliance team.

Click on the links below to get more information and advice on how we and you can help to keep you and your family safe :