Our communal green spaces and parks

We own and maintain a number of communal green spaces and play parks across the areas where we work.

There are approximately 200 sites that we have to maintain, ranging from alleyways, to small pockets of grass, garage sites, large open spaces and play parks.

We own and manage 7 play parks in total these are:

  • Maybridge square play area
  • Keystone Close play area
  • Chiltern Crescent play area
  • Chiltern Crescent skate park
  • Queen Street play area
  • Angola Road play area
  • Westbrook Way play area (Shoreham)

Our team undertake grass cutting from March through to November with hedge cutting taking place during January  – February and again late august to October. The reason for this is due to nesting season as nesting birds are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside act 1981.

If there is a space you believe needs attention or you find a park damaged please send an email to   or call us on 01903 703 100


Positive recognitions
Send us your testaments to recognise positive work done by Worthing Homes and/or anyone connected to Residents Voice.