Meet Ludo

Meet Ludo, a new canine partner sponsored by Worthing Homes.

Canine partners provide assistance dogs to disabled people to help them with everyday tasks that they might otherwise be unable to manage e.g. helping you to get undressed, reaching items off shelves, helping to load and unload a washing machine and even pressing a careline button in the event that the owner requires medical assistance, Cllr Norah Fishers dog Herbie is a great example of a canine partner as he demonstrates in the picture.

Their aim this year is to partner 75 – 80 dogs with disabled people. Each and every one of the individuals Canine Partners has helped so far have said how much their life has changed since having a canine partner at their side. Their worries have eased and they have started to look forward to a more positive future with their special dog.

Ludo will now be trained by his puppy parent at one of Canine Partners satellite offices until he is around 18 months old, after which he will move to the training centre to learn the advanced tasks and skills required of a Canine Partners assistance dog.