Local Community Litter Picking Success

We were delighted to see such an amazing turnout from our colleagues and our newly elected local councillor, Dom Ford (Northbrook Ward)

Equipped with sturdy litter pickers, high-visibility jackets, and safety gloves, the team spread out to tackle the litter scattered around the local area.

What they found was truly eye-opening. They managed to save not one but two trolleys from rusting away and loaded them with a variety of heavy litter, including a trampoline, a garden table, and a bicycle tyre, to name a few.

Keeping our local areas clear of litter is incredibly important. Not only does it maintain the visual appeal of our community, but it also helps protect local wildlife and the environment. Litter can be harmful to animals and plants, and by clearing it up, we’re making our neighbourhoods safer and more pleasant for everyone.

At Worthing Homes, we are committed to creating a cleaner, greener environment and fostering a sense of pride in our community. By working together with local residents and elected representatives like Councillor Dom Ford, we can achieve this goal and ensure that our areas remain a vibrant and beautiful place to live.

Let’s continue our efforts to keep Worthing clean and green! 

Join an existing group

Adur and Worthing have a number of groups who regularly undertake clean-up activities the area.

Keep Britain Tidy is a leading independent environmental charity that works to inspire, educate and enable everyone in this country to value the environment on their doorstep.

Keeping Britain Tidy Website

Steve and Sam, mobile caretakers taking the litter away for disposal