Jumping for joy

Finally after a year of consultation, planning, and some bad weather Worthing Homes has been able to complete a long awaited project!

The children of Maybridge have been waiting patiently for a BMX track to be built on land behind the Avenue, and to ensure it finally happened they were on site helping.

It was fantastic to see so many children and their parents here for the two days helping to put this bike track together. The youth workers and PCSO’S were fantastic in helping to keep the children motivated and entertained as well as helping to build the jumps!

The enthusiasm and energy from everyone involved was heart warming. Sue Brown, resident involvement co-ordinator

The soil and sand needed to build the jumps was kindly donated by Penfold Verralls, who also took the time to help with the planning and supplied a man with a digger to assist with the building over the two days.

As a thank you to everyone that helped a barbeque was held on the evening of 30th April at the track, and prizes were awarded to the children that helped the most.