Together Arun

The Together Arun project aims to bring people together, to have fun, connect with one another and make a positive difference in their neighbourhood.

Being part of local projects, events or networks and making things happen where you live is an important part of feeling at home.

Our new Community Development team will be working in Littlehampton, Wick and Felpham.  This project will be led by the people who live in these areas. In each area, conversations with local people about what’s important will shape how the project develops.

So what would you like to do more of?

Reading stories with other families, learning DIY skills, walking with others, being part of wellbeing groups, getting outdoors, mentoring or being mentored, learning work and business skills, growing food, planting trees, sewing, repairing, upcycling, sharing resources through a tool library?

Bryony, Angelina and Natalie will be the community development team in Arun. We believe everyone has the skills and knowledge to improve the world around them. Our role is to support you to:

  • Turn an idea into action
  • Connect with neighbours over the things you care about
  • Tackle big issues you would like to solve
  • Transform how your neighbourhood looks and feels
  • Support each other
  • Gain confidence and learn new things

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