Rent a garage

Worthing Homes has a number of garages for rent. These are available to rent for both tenants and non-tenants.

Any garages we have available are listed below; please note we will require a month’s rent upfront and you must set up a direct debit for the ongoing monthly payment.

There are currently no garages available

updated 10.05.2022

If you are interested in renting one of the above garages please contact Paula Payne by email at, quoting the address of the garage you would like.


  • these garages are only approx. 16ft Long and 7ft wide, so only suitable for small vehicles
  • You can only rent the maximum of 2 garages per person / household.

The price to rent (we do not sell) a garage is: Tenant £7.11 per week
Non-tenant £14.17 per week

Please note:

  • Any garage rented from Worthing Homes MUST be used for the purpose of storing a vehicle and not for storage (you must not store flammable or corrosive material in the garage). Please note spot checks are carried out on a regular basis and tenancies will be terminated if you are found to be using the garage as a storage facility.
  • You must not cause nuisance to other residents by carrying out major vehicle repairs or use the garage site for business purposes.
  • Our garages are not available for purchase
  • We do not hold a waiting list service for garages

For full details please read our garage rental terms and conditions.If you wish to terminate your garage rental then please complete the garage rental termination form and return it to us.