History and highlights

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The house came to life in 2007, with the help of some local residents, to engage with bored young people, help adults in need and provide diversionary activities for all.


  • In 2009 the house was awarded £500k of Big Lottery Funding, with a further £350k awarded in 2014 to secure the houses future for a further 5 years
  • The Community House has grown! The number of instances of use (usage) is now 7,414 – an average of 617 usages per month.
  • 17 different activities take place from cooking skills, sport and IT through to parents support, play schemes and social support groups.
  • Outcome targets over the five year plan period have been exceeded. The House has facilitated more activities and involved more people than originally planned. That is, more people have been reached, participated and benefited. A greater diversity of activities and services have been launched and the ways of reaching and supporting people are more wide spread than  first planned.
  • The House reaches all kinds of different people, many of whom are isolated with significant needs and/or they are relatively poor. This includes reaching and including adults, children, young people, parents, older people and disabled people.
  • The Community House model of intervention is a proven, value for money solution which achieves outcomes that take years to build up and replicate.
  • Partnership working at all levels has made a big difference to building effective, needs driven projects, resulting in better outcomes for people and more lasting change.
  • The House is successfully involving and drawing on local businesses as sponsors, partners and donors.
  • The Big Lottery Funding received in 2014 will enable us to continue to help people change and improve their lives, skills and prospects, benefiting over 1,000 local residents over the next 5 years. The funding will also enable the Community House to take the work it does to other parts of Worthing.