Helping future generations financially plan

With debt levels at an all time high it is important to educate young people on understanding finances, managing their money and how to avoid unscrupulous lending.

When money matters go wrong it can have a major impact on life leading to the break up of families, health problems and in some severe cases homelessness.

As a company committed to investing in people as well as communities we appreciate the role that we can play to help people increase their life chances, so when Need 2 Know Education told us about their ‘Money wise’ programme we didn’t hesitate to support it and have sponsored 500 Money Wise programmes for Durrington High School.

Money Wise contains instructions, activities and fact sheets on considering the role and importance of money in lives; understanding and using basic financial skills – in particular budgeting; thinking about financial resources and services they might need in future. It also addresses the basic level of skills, knowledge and understanding required by young people to manage their personal finances and plan for the future; make informed choices about financial products; become effective contributors in society; and live purposefully, productively, confidently and wisely in the changing world.