Happy talk!

The historic Dome in Worthing was the setting for this year’s resident’s conference on Thursday 11 September.

Worthing Homes senior managers and corporate managers were joined by 34 residents who were keen to hear all about the work we have been doing during the last year along with some of our plans for the future. Along with presentations on our work from last year, the residents were given presentations on value for money, income recovery, an update on welfare reform, our new decorating team, latest developments and of course the completion of our 1000th home.

At the conference we also held three interactive sessions with the residents to give them the opportunity to help review our existing 16 service standards. Through round table discussions and scoring the residents have helped us shape the standards so that they are more succinct and measurable.

At the end of the day attendees were given a copy of our annual report to take home, read through, and then feedback their comments so that we can give the final copy the resident approved stamp.