Financial Inclusion

We are a small team of advisers and offer advice sessions to our residents on issues they face with their benefits. We will provide information, general or specific advice and, if needed, provide a ‘to-do’ list for customers – there is an expectation that Customers will take responsibility and act on advice given and we may re-contact referrals to discuss the result of any action taken and further advise if required. If people need ongoing support, we will try to identify and refer to appropriate support services.


Worthing Homes is not FCA regulated therefore we do not give debt advice however we can explain priority & non-priority debt and we will signpost to regulated, specialist debt advice agencies should further intervention be necessary. In all cases of debt, we can offer help with budgeting or give budgeting advice in order to try and satisfy the financial obligations of repayment plans.


Our Team consists of; Glyn David, Joanne Kelly and Jan Burns (Mon-Thurs).

We can be contacted 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri, on our dedicated Financial Inclusion phone line 01903 703110 or via our email address:


What we do…..


  • Entitlement and vulnerability assessments – When new residents are nominated to us, we are able to undertake an entitlement check and vulnerability assessment to ensure new residents are receiving any support they need, as well as the correct benefits, getting good deals on bills etc. & dealing with debts. Full advice is offered to all applicants during the assessment including highlighting ‘social tariffs’ for broadband or water supply.


  • Mutual Exchanges – If you are looking to mutually exchange to a property where there is a significant increase in rent at the new property we are able to support you with an entitlement check and to look at your income and expenditure so that you can assess how affordable the new property will be for you.


  • General benefit and budgeting advice – if you are a Worthing Homes resident and you are struggling with your benefits, confused about moving from Housing Benefit to Universal Credit or have other issues with your finances you can self-refer to our team using the email address and phone number at the top of the page. You can also make the initial contact directly at Community House in East Worthing – someone from the team is there every Monday.


We can help:


  • to maximise your income


  • to minimise your expenditure


  • advise on benefit entitlement


  • advise on what evidence you will need to make different benefit claims


  • with benefit form completions where you are struggling


  • give budgeting advice


  • By signposting you to debt and other specialist advice services



You can choose your preferred method of contact; Phone appointment, video call, text or email advice, face to face and home visits. We can help identify potential sources of funding (charitable grants) or financial support and we offer our own limited financial support through the Hardship Fund or issuing Fuel Vouchers.


  • We also take referrals from staff or outside agencies via email/text/phone.


We will advise on how to navigate and best deal with benefit Reconsiderations including advice on what is necessary to initiate the reconsideration and evidence required. We will signpost to appropriate agencies following any reconsideration that may result in a subsequent Appeal being sought. We cannot accompany residents to Tribunals.