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Worthing Homes values feedback from our residents and customers about the services we provide. This may be a complaint or it may be a general comment, or a compliment. All types of feedback are important. Worthing Homes listens to the comments provided and uses the information to learn lessons and make changes and improvements as necessary to ensure we always provide excellent customer service.

Our residents can provide their feedback via many different ways, such as by letter, email, face to face to any member of staff, by telephone or by completing our Complaints and Feedback form.

Following lots of consultation with our residents’ panel and customers who have made complaints to us previously, we have revised our Complaints and Feedback policy. The new process focuses on problem solving and we hope is a lot more customer friendly.

In the first instance your complaint will be dealt with by the person you report the issue to and they will try and resolve things for you within two working days. If you are not happy with the solution you can register a formal complaint and a manager will contact you to discuss your complaint in more detail, investigate the matter and call you with a response within 10 working days. The final stage, if you feel your complaint has not been dealt with appropriately and in line with our policies and procedures, is a review by a head of service.

More details can be found in our Complaints and Feedback guide.

You can read our self assessment for Ombudsman standards by clicking on the link below:-

Complaint handling code self assessment form 


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