Constructing more excellence

We are pleased to announce that our BIM: residential new build project (Meadow Road) has been approved as part of the CE innovation in practice demonstration programme by Constructing Excellence

A multi-dimensional tool, Building Information Modelling (BIM) involves generating a visual model of the building which also manages data about it, at the design stage, throughout the construction phase and during its working life. Typically BIM uses real-time, dynamic building modelling software working in 3D, 4D (workflow) and, increasingly, 5D (quantity surveying) to increase productivity and efficiency, save costs in the design and construction stages, and to reduce running costs, after construction.

This is Worthing Homes second innovation in practice project , Relish™ being the first. The Innovation in Practice programme was launched in April 2009 and is designed to be the latest evolution of Constructing Excellence’s Demonstration activity. It takes and improves on the best elements of the previous programme by enabling Constructing Excellence to work in greater depth with individual projects and organisations. As part of this new structure, Constructing Excellence has engaged academic partners to assist with monitoring and knowledge capture from the projects.

For more information on our BIM: residential new build project take a look at the blogs written by our partners in the project Clearbox Limited and The Clarkson Alliance