Chips galore!

On Friday 25 October, in association with Shoreham Dogs Trust, Alison Edwards, project manager, opened up the community house to allow a day of free micro chipping by the Dogs Trust.

The session saw people coming from as far afield as Horsham to take part in the day, with 59 dogs in total being chipped.

Both dogs and their owners were on their best behaviour and queued patiently whilst each one was put through the process and had the relevant paperwork completed to make sure that they can now be relocated with their owners should the worst happen. It also means these pets are now fully compliant for when the law changes in 2016 and chipping becomes compulsory.

Alison Edwards, community house project manager, said: “We had a whole range of dogs from tiny chihuahuas through to large huskies with the owners ranging in age from their 20s through to a lady of 89. The majority of owners that we had here today hadn’t got round to chipping their pets due to financial constraints and some hadn’t realised until the event that it is becoming compulsory in 2016, so the day has been useful to help spread the word to the wider community.”