Bertie Bee hits the road

At Worthing Homes the safety of our residents has always been a high priority, with regular safety inspections taking place, however post Grenfell we wanted to reinforce the safety messages and work closely with our residents to show them how they can also help to keep themselves safe.

Bertie Bee, our safe and sound logo has been designed to appeal to children so that we and their families can teach them, from a young age, about staying safe in their home, on the day we gave out cuddly bee’s, a Bertie bee colouring in and pencils and for the grown-ups we had our Safe and Sound booklet

On the day we were joined by the police and the fire brigade to help reinforce the safety messages, whilst one of the residents of Cambourne Court used the event to launch their very own neighbourhood watch group.

We also provided a skip so that the residents’ could get rid of any unwanted items thereby avoiding unnecessary hazards within the block; and our Community House team gave out plants and food whilst promoting their services.

Over the coming year the plan is to take Bertie and the safe and sound campaign out to all of our residents to spread the message.