Residents’ panel and scrutiny

The residents’ panel meet every 8 weeks to discuss topics which can affect all residents in their homes.

The Panel comprises of volunteers from many sectors of the Worthing Homes community and aim to represent a large cross section of residents. They ensure that Worthing Homes fulfils its obligations to  all residents, and continues to be a Landlord fit for purpose.

The panel also scrutinise the activities of the organisation and report  findings back to the Board. Previous areas scrutinised have included ASB, Tenant Engagement and Involvement, and more recently the Decent Home Standard. You can find our reports and meeting minutes below.

If you are interested in becoming part of the panel, in the first instance please request an application form from the Resident engagement Officer at Worthing Homes. If you’d like to hear more beforehand, you can always contact the panel by email at

Minutes from the Residents’ panel meetings:

Scrutiny panel recommendations: