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Savings and loans

Opening a bank account for savings or a small loan is not always easy and in times when money is tight, it can be even more difficult. Door step lenders and pay day loan companies may seem to be the only option, but with high interest charges, borrowing like this can lead to even more problems! 

West Sussex Credit Union

We have joined forces with the West Sussex credit union. They are a savings and loans co-operative serving the local community.

They help their members to save money regularly, provide loans at affordable rates, as well as offer confidential financial advice, such as budgeting, debt advice, benefit awareness or even best deals for energy supply. They understand their members and make decisions based on personal circumstances, rather than relying on impersonal computer credit checks. Their advice can really help you to take control of your finances.

For more information on the West Sussex Credit Union visit their website.

The West Sussex Credit Union is regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).


Payday lending tool

If you’re thinking about getting a payday loan take a look at the Money Advice Service payday lending tool first.

This will show you a range of lower risk alternatives, and also provides advice to those struggling to pay off existing payday loans.