Your home


We have affordable and easy to arrange ways to help you insure the contents of your home. This gives you the peace of mind that should the worst happen, you are safe in the knowledge that you can refurnish your home without stress or financial burden.

Buildings insurance

This insurance covers the structure of your home including walls, window frames, communal areas and roofs. It covers the building for damage caused by fire, flood, burglary or subsidence. It does not, however, cover against gradual deterioration or wear and tear.

For shared ownership properties, buildings insurance is paid for as part of the service charge. For rented properties (including intermediate rent and social housing), buildings insurance is paid for as part of the rent and is held by Worthing Homes.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance covers your personal belongings such as furniture, carpets, clothes, electrical equipment such as TV, stereo and computer. It usually protects you against damage or loss to your belongings caused by fire, flood or burglary.

If you live in a flat you are also advised to take out insurance to cover you in case you cause damage which affects your neighbours flat such as water damage caused by a burst pipe.

If you suffer damage because of a fault caused by a neighbour such as flood, you may be able to claim under their insurance rather than your own, or take legal action against them.

Please note the buildings insurance paid for as part of your rent or service charge will not cover this, it only covers damage to the structure of the property.

Home contents insurance through Worthing Homes

We understand that financial commitments may mean contents insurance isn’t high on your list of priorities, but have you wondered what you would do if you lost all of your possessions to a fire, flood or burglary? For just a few pence a week you can leave your property safe in the knowledge that the things you value are covered.

To make this essential insurance less of a burden, we have joined together with Thistle My Home contents insurance brokers to provide an insurance plan that is specifically designed for tenants and leaseholders – giving you complete peace of mind.

It offers a number of benefits which are of real value:

  • affordable insurance premiums;
  • flexible regular pay as you go payment options;
  • no fuss and quick and easy to apply.

The policy covers all your household contents against a wide range of unforeseen hazards. The policy has no excess and avoids ‘insurance small print’.

For details visit the My Home contents insurance website, or contact us or your Neighbourhood Housing Officer.