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How are properties advertised?

The properties that RSL’s have available are advertised every two weeks:

  • On the internet – you can access the Homemove website to look at available properties.
  • In a free magazine, ‘Homemove’ – you can collect this from the Council office at Portland House, Worthing Homes’ office, Davison House and libraries.

How do I bid for properties?

You can bid in the following ways:

  • in person at the Council offices;
  • by telephone;
  • via a website;
  • by text;
  • by completing a special coupon and posting it.

You can ask someone else to bid on your behalf if you give them your bidding details.

If you do not have access to either the internet or the fortnightly magazine, the magazine can be delivered to you for a fee of £10 for 6 months.

If none of these methods are acceptable to you, please let the Council know.

What can I bid for?

You can bid for properties that are suitable for your needs, for example, properties with the correct number of bedrooms for your family size, sheltered housing if you require the support of a scheme manager, ( this type of housing is usually restricted to those aged over 50), or adapted properties if a member of your household needs the facilities provided.

When can I bid?

You can bid for properties on a fortnightly basis. When the properties are advertised, you are told the closing date for bids to be received.

How many bids can I make?

You can bid for up to three properties in each two weekly cycle.

If you bid for a property that you are not eligible for (for example a single person bidding for a 2 bed house), by internet, your bid will not be accepted and you could bid on something else but if you bid by post it will be discounted.

If you are interested in more than three, we suggest you bid for either the ones you think you would like the most, or the ones that you are more likely to be successful with. For example, if you can climb stairs, bid for an upstairs flat without a lift, as many people seeking the same size of flat will not be interested. Properties that are suitable for people with limited mobility will be given priority for properties that meet their needs and this will be stated in the advert.

What happens after I have bid for a property?

Bids are put in a priority order by band, local connection, and the length of time applicants have been on the Housing Register.

Those with the highest priority are contacted by the RSL which will normally require you to complete their own housing application form. If your application is accepted, the RSL will arrange for you to view the property as soon as possible. The RSL may arrange for more than one applicant to view the property.

The applicant with the highest priority (who has viewed the property) is made a formal offer by the RSL.

If you are offered the property you decide whether to accept it. If you do not want to accept it, you can carry on bidding for alternative properties.

Will I be told if my bid is not successful?

No. However, information is published on the internet and in the Homemove magazine about properties that have been let. This tells you which band the successful applicant was in and how many bids were received.

What happens if I have rent arrears, or have been involved in anti social behaviour, or have breached my tenancy conditions?

You can still bid for properties, but you may not be made an offer by an RSL (unless there are exceptional circumstances). It is important that you pay your rent and keep to your tenancy conditions if you want to move.