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Homes to suit your needs

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When allocating a home to either a transfer or housing register applicant, priority will be given to those in the highest band. Priority will also be given to the applicant with earliest registration date.

To make the best use of our housing stock, whilst taking account of your needs, we look at both your preferred locations and the suitability of the home for your needs.

Medical conditions

If your health is affected by your present housing, you will need to contact your local Authority. You will be asked to complete a medical details form, which once completed will be used to assess your needs.

Properties for people with physical disabilities

We have a limited number of wheelchair standard, specially adapted or purpose-built housing suitable for people with physical disabilities.

Worthing Homes recognises the need for good quality accessible accommodation, and are continuing to develop these types of properties. Adaptations can be made to an existing property if it is suitable.

Sheltered housing

We have range of specially designed housing for vulnerable adults who require extra services and support. These allow you to live as independently as possible, with the added security of having someone to call on in emergencies. For more information, please contact our Sheltered Housing team (details below) or download our Guide to Sheltered Housing.

What size of home can I expect?

The size of the home you can expect is based on your household size:

  • Single adult: studio flat or 1bed flat
  • Childless households / couple: 1 bed flat
  • Households with 1 child: 2 bed property
  • Households with 2 children of the same sex or under 10 years old: 2 bed property
  • Households with 2 children of different sexes over 10 years old or 3 children: 3 bed property
  • Households with 4+ children: 3 bed property with 2 receptions or 4 bed property

What if my current home is too big for me now?

If you have one or more spare bedrooms in your home you may wish to apply for a transfer on the grounds of under-occupation. If this is the case, you may qualify for help towards the cost of removals and reconnection services. Payments are subject to funds being available and housing demand.

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