Your home

Transfers are available to existing Worthing Homes residents who are renting from us and need to move to another home. This will normally be due to changed family circumstances, which means your present home may not meet your needs, or may no longer suit you for medical reasons.

In December 2009 Homemove, the Choice Based Lettings scheme for Sussex, was launched and is now the way for new and existing residents to get properties.

If you are an existing resident wishing to transfer to another home you will need to be registered on the transfer register in your area and / or the area you wish to bid for in order to bid for properties with Homemove.

To register with the local authority, please visit their respective website:

You can find more information on Homemove Choice Based Lettings on the following pages. Alternatively, you can download the Homemove Scheme User Guide or visit the Homemove website.