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If you want to stop nuisance behaviour and do not wish to take legal action, you could consider a mediation scheme.

Mediation is an opportunity to resolve differences between people. The purpose is to encourage people to talk openly in a neutral setting with the help of an independent person called a mediator.

What kind of dispute does this cover?

Mediation can deal with disputes between neighbours and in the community, including noise, children, pets, parking and burglaries.

What is mediation like?

It is informal but confidential and enables people to air their grievances. Skilled mediators can build bridges between people so they can once again get along peacefully as neighbours.

It is not necessary to get your neighbours agreement before going to the mediation service, usually the mediator will visit each person involved in the dispute separately to help them decide what they want. Mediation can take the form of direct, ‘round the table’ discussion, where the parties in dispute meet on neutral ground. If they are unwilling to meet, the mediators will act as intermediaries, conveying messages between each of the parties.

How much does it cost?

The service is free, confidential and independent. The mediators are volunteers who have been trained to deal with disputes of different kinds.

Getting help

If you would like help, or more information about the mediation service available to you please visit the West Sussex Mediation Service website or call them on 0300 200 0025