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Tenancy and benefit fraud

Tenancy Fraud

Do you know someone who is subletting or renting out their Worthing Homes property; not using their property as their sole or principle home; or has used false documents to get a tenancy?

The demand for social housing in Worthing far exceeds the number of properties available, that’s why it is important to ensure the right people are living in our properties.

Why is fraud a problem?

Most people sign up to a tenancy perfectly legally and have every right to live in their home. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of the housing register to get something they are not entitled to.

The illegal occupation of properties affects the quality of many lives, reducing the number of properties available meaning that those on the housing register will wait longer to get housed.

If you think that a Worthing Homes property is being sub-let we would like to know. please contact us telling us which property you think is sub-let, why you think it is and the names of the people living there. It’s fine If you wish to remain anonymous, but it would be helpful to have your name, address, phone number, and email address if possible. We will handle everything you tell us professionally and discreetly.

If the information you provide directly leads to Worthing Homes regaining possession of a property, you will receive a £500 reward.

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Benefit Fraud

If you think someone may be claiming more benefits than they are entitled to, or shouldn’t be claiming at all then follow this link to the DWP website to report it.