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Public spaces

Our grounds team are dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced, delivering a comprehensive and first class service in grounds maintenance and landscape construction and design.


We are committed to improving our neighbourhoods and we carry out the landscaping around our new developments and have a programme of replanting across all our sites. For instance, we have recently planted native trees and shrubs in a number of areas to provide greater interest and a more pleasant environment for users and wildlife. At Maybridge square we have created a rose garden.

Recreation spaces

There are areas of open space that have equipped play areas such as Chiltern Crescent, Keystone Close, Maybridge Square, Queens Street and Westbrook Way which we regularly maintain. In response to projects with Sussex Police community support officers we have developed facilities such as dedicated areas for 5-aside football, whilst at Chiltern Crescent we have joint funded a basketball/multi-sport area.

If you have an idea for improving or developing a community space, whether it’s a wildlife garden, rose garden or play area, we’d like to hear from you.

Open space maintenance

We are committed to the following operations throughout the year:


Grass will be mowed as per our published timetable.


Hedges are generally part of a residential property boundary and are the responsibility of the tenant to maintain. However where they are growing next to open spaces, the side will be trimmed once a year. Where the hedge encroaches over a footpath or alleyway, the side will be trimmed twice a year. In consideration of nesting birds, hedge cutting generally only occurs between July and February.


Weeding is generally carried out on a 4-6 weekly basis by either hoeing or forking over borders. However on some hard surfaces, a glyphosate based weed killer may be used. This is one of the few chemicals regarded as not being harmful to the environment.


Pruning is carried out as part of our winter maintenance of our shrubs. Generally the pruning of summer flowering plants takes place between November and March. Spring flowering plants are pruned immediately after flowering. However, there may be some pruning undertaken throughout the rest of the year to keep shrubs under control. Our aim is to use secateurs and loppers to prune shrubs and to carry out restorative pruning of overgrown shrubs, rather than use hedge trimmers.

Tree maintenance

The trees in our open spaces and communal gardens were surveyed in 2005/6 and are undergoing a programme of scheduled works. If any residents have concerns about trees growing in their gardens, we can arrange an inspection to ensure their safety.

Trees in gardens

It is the residents’ responsibility to maintain the trees in their garden, but we do carry out requests for work, where there are safety issues or it may affect the property. (Please note there is generally a waiting list for these requests).

Gardening advice and support

We always welcome anyone who wants to maintain an area of ground for their own pleasure and are quite happy to answer any questions you have. Contact our Greenspace team for more information (details below).

Greenspace team Department
Telephone: 01903 243 847 Hours of service: 8:00AM to 4:00PM