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Making a complaint

We encourage residents to report incidents to ensure all complaints of anti-social behaviour are dealt with promptly and effectively.

We will:

  • take firm action against people causing anti-social behaviour and take legal action if necessary;
  • be proactive by working in partnership with police and other agencies to prevent cases of anti-social behaviour;
  • support complainants and witnesses as far as possible, ensuring confidentiality at all times;
  • share information in line with good practice and any agreed protocols;
  • protect vulnerable people and tackle inequality and discrimination;
  • promote and encourage the use of the local mediation service;
  • train staff on Worthing Homes policy and procedure, best practice, the law and any other associated responsibilities.

We will also comply with the duties and obligations placed on us by existing legislation, and any subsequent amendments to the acts such as:

  • The Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003;
  • The Crime and Disorder Act 1998;
  • The Childrens Act 1989;
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1995;
  • Homelessness Act 2002;
  • Race Relations Act 1976;
  • Human Rights Act 1998;
  • Housing Act 1985 and 1996.

How we deal with reports of anti-social behaviour

Reports of anti-social behaviour can be made to your Neighbourhood Housing Officer by:

Your Neighbourhood Housing Officer will:

  • discuss your problems with you impartially and in confidence;
  • ask what has happened. It will help if you have details of dates and times the incidents occurred;
  • ask what you think may have caused the problem;
  • ask what action you have taken so far;
  • ask whether you have reported the matter with the police or any other agency;
  • not disclose your identity to the perpetrator unless you agree we should.

Your Neighbourhood Housing Officer will then agree an action plan with you to resolve the problem.

Depending on what happened, the action could be:

  • you approaching your neighbour (if suitable);
  • mediation;
  • your Neighbourhood Housing Officer visiting or writing to the perpetrator;
  • contacting the local council if there is a noise problem;
  • collecting more evidence, including evidence from other witnesses;
  • involving the Worthing and Adur Anti-Social Behaviour Partnership or any other relevant agency;
  • service of a notice of seeking possession;
  • apply for an anti-social behaviour injunction.

If the anti-social behaviour involves criminal acts, you will be advised to contact the police so that they are aware of the situation and can take any necessary action.