Your home

How we support victims

As well as keeping you informed and maintaining contact with you, your Neighbourhood Housing Officer will discuss with you what type of support you feel you will need and will refer you to other support agencies as necessary.

If court action is necessary we will help to support you through this and provide ongoing support after the hearing for as long as you feel necessary or as long as reasonably practical.

Support we will provide could be:

  • refer you to other support agencies;
  • refer you to a floating support provider;
  • provide a telephone support service;
  • arrange a 24 hour alarm system;
  • arranging for extra security in your home;
  • explain court procedure and arrange a visit to the court in advance of a hearing;
  • arrange transport to court and someone to greet you;
  • arrange for police presence in the court if appropriate;
  • consider publicising successes (which can be effective in strengthening the community).