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Looking after your neighbourhood

We enjoy living in neighbourhoods where communities can thrive – with comfortable homes and public spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Public spaces and amenities

We maintain over 100 open spaces and communal gardens across the Sussex coastal area. Our dedicated grounds team look after all our equipped play areas, grass, shrub borders, hedges and over 1900 trees. We have also planted 4350 new saplings as well as renovated many overgrown and neglected public areas.

Your local area

We are keen to hear about ways to improve and enhance the communities in which we live and work. Many of you are involved in developing community projects and we are delighted to support and work in partnership with you. We also provide advice on issues of nuisance and safety, working together with local agencies and Sussex Police to make sure we live happily and safely.

If you find graffiti or fly posting in a public place and which to report it you can do so by going to:

Adur and Worthing council or email


Winter weather policy

In the event of severe weather our winter weather policy will be put into action.

Depending on the severity of the weather and only if it is safe to do so we will clear and / or grit our areas based on priority. The priorities being where vulnerable people reside i.e. our sheltered schemes followed by the areas with the highest footfall.