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Our customer promise

We are committed to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and aim to deliver services promptly, professionally and, where possible, tailored to your needs. We will deliver the same level of service whether you contact us by telephone, letter, e-mail, web enquiry or face to face.

We are committed to offering a modern and up to date service with accurate information. We learn from our customer experiences, we will
apologise where we have made a mistake and continually seek to review and improve our services.

We are accountable to our customers, constantly gathering information and feedback on both ours and our contractors’ service delivery. We work closely with our Residents Panel to ensure we provide the services our customers want in the way they want them delivered.

We work in partnership with our contractors who work to a code of conduct which is regularly reviewed and monitored.

We pride ourselves on being ‘more than just a landlord’ and place our customers at the heart of everything we do.

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