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Support and resources

We have pledged time and resources to ensure that the scrutiny function is successful and effective in its improvement role.

The following resources have been committed to assisting the scrutiny group:

Worthing Homes Board

Has recognised the role of residents and accommodates findings from the scrutiny process in their board meetings. The board will continue to monitor all of the key business performance and financial issues and additionally, will look to the resident scrutiny committee to look at service delivery and to report to them on this.

Resource Centre

The scrutiny committee (SC) has its’ own space with computer and internet access.

Use of Meeting Facilities

Must be booked in advance, but meeting facilities including Tea and coffee are available to the SC.

Training Package

The SC will attend regular annual training. An induction process including training for new members will also be available. Funding for training will be met by Worthing Homes.

Staff Support

We have committed the time of the PA to the directors to take the minutes and send them to the SC.

We have committed the time of the Housing Director to oversee the Process.

We have committed the time of the Resident Involvement Manager to guide and support the committee in the running of its’ scrutiny function.


We have put together a library of information from all different sources about scrutiny. For a list of documents in the library download the Scrutiny Library Contents list.


It is vital that everyone who is giving up their time is not out of pocket. We have dedicated specific funds to reimburse expenses such as fuel costs and childcare costs.