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Our credentials

Worthing Homes’ goal is to meet high standards in the services it gives and to be continually improving in its delivery.


Constructing Excellence

Worthing Homes is committed to continuous improvement. We are involved in several innovative partnering initiatives and, in March 2004, we became a Constructing Excellence Demonstration Project for our cost reflective improvement programme.

Constructing Excellence has established itself as the only cross sector organisation covering all aspects of housing construction: private, public, and social sectors and their supply chains. It provides a member network of innovators who share knowledge and experience through its demonstrations portfolio and its ad-hoc working groups.

Its main objective is to bring about radical change in housing construction, building on the Rethinking Construction agenda and the Strategic Forum’s targets in order to work towards achieving the government targets for Decent Homes, new homes in growth areas, and the regeneration of areas of low housing demand in the North, set out in ODPM’s ‘Sustainable Communities: Building for the Future 2003’.

In order to highlight the benefits and barriers involved in current housing construction issues, the Housing Forum liaises with government and industry leaders in commissioning in-house and external projects. These issues have included labour and skills shortages, modern methods of construction, regeneration and sustainability, as well as promoting increased use of partnering and training on long term strategic projects.

For more information, please visit the Constructing Excellence website

Concise Contract

You can legislate for all possibilities, but in the end it’s down to basic trust. I’m comfortable with the Concise Contract because it goes well with creating a sense of partnership. John Griffiths, Project Management Services Ltd (one of Worthing Homes’ development partners)

As part of Worthing Homes’ commitment to continuous improvement we have developed our innovative Concise Contract, which became our second demonstration project with Constructing Excellence in October 2005.

The contract is designed to replace the complicated 128 page JCT Design & Build contract with a simple to use four page plain English contract.


Two Ticks: Positive about disabled people

Worthing Homes has received the Two Ticks accreditation. The Two Ticks symbol is given by Job Centre Plus to employers who have agreed to meet five key commitments regarding recruitment, employment, retention and career development of people with disability.

These five commitments are:

Commitment 1: To interview all applicants with a disability who meet the minimum criteria for a job vacancy and consider them on their abilities.

Commitment 2: To ensure there is a mechanism in place to discuss, at any time, but at least once a year, with disabled employees what can be done to make sure they can develop and use their abilities, e.g. Appraisals.

Commitment 3: To make every effort when employees become disabled to make sure they stay in employment.

Commitment 4: To take action to ensure that all employees develop the appropriate level of disability awareness needed to make our commitments.

Commitment 5: Each year, to review the five commitments and what has been achieved, to plan ways to improve on them and let the employees and employment service know about progress and future plans.

You will see the symbol on all our advertisements for jobs, letter headed paper as well as on our internet sites. The use of this symbol is one of the visible ways that we highlight our commitment to disabled people.

Our commitment to disabled people is an on-going process, which we are constantly reviewing, and involves all our employees.

For more information, please visit the Two Ticks: Positive about disabled people website