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Shared ownership

Shared ownership is an ideal way for key workers, social housing tenants and those in priority housing need to get a foot on the property ladder.

It is a part buy, part rent scheme, where you can buy a share in a new home, normally from 35%. You then pay a mortgage on the share you are buying and subsidised rent on the part you don’t own. As a guide, the monthly payments of a mortgage, added to the rent will be about 75% of a monthly mortgage on the whole property.

The advantages of shared ownership is that you only have to find a fraction of the deposit. You will have the benefit of the investment on the percentage you own, as well as access to further shares as you can afford it.

You can apply for a range of Help to Buy schemes and if you are accepted, your details will be passed on to housing associations with properties in your area.

To check your eligibility, search for properties in your area and / or to apply please visit  the Help to Buy East and South East website 

This is a good option for those on a housing waiting list and in employment – you will be surprised at how affordable it is!

For more information, please read our Guide to Shared Ownership.

Our properties

Please visit our shared ownership property page for the most up to date list of availability. Don’t forget that with Google Streetview you can see the type of house and street in 3D to help you decide if it’s the kind of home you’re interested in.


Help to Buy Help to Buy Help to Buy (formerly known as HomeBuy) is the brand for the government funded initiative of affordable home ownership schemes designed to help people who cannot afford to buy a home that suits the needs of their household. Applicants wishing to benefit from the schemes under Help to Buy will have to meet the relevant eligibility criteria.
Website: Visit the Help to Buy website Telephone: 0845 359 6161