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Renting a garage

Worthing Homes has a number of garages for rent. These are available to rent for both tenants and non-tenants. Location of garages available:

Harefield Avenue, West Worthing, SITE 926 1 Available

Limbrick Lane (NORTH), Goring, West Worthing, SITE 933 1 Available

Limbrick Lane (MIDDLE), Goring, West Worthing, SITE 904 1 Available

Paxmead Crescent, East Worthing, SITE 930 1 Available

Palmerston Avenue, Goring, West Worthing, SITE 940 1 Available

Radnor Road (TOP END), West Worthing, SITE 956 1 Available

Barnet Way West, The Tynes Durrington, West Worthing, SITE 948 1 Available


Please note these are small garages and are approx. 16ft Long.

The price to rent a garage is:

  • Resident £6.09 per week
  • Non-resident £12.15 per week

If you are interested in renting one of the above garages please contact Kate Nash, lettings administrator on 01903 703 132; or Su David, lettings team leader on 01903 703 121 Please note: Any garage rented from Worthing Homes MUST be used for the purpose of storing a vehicle and not for storage (you must not store flammable or corrosive material in the garage). Please note spot checks are carried out on a regular basis and tenancies will be terminated if you are found to be using the garage as a storage facility. You must not cause nuisance to other residents by carrying out major vehicle repairs or use the garage site for business purposes.